Fire Risk

Employers/controllers of premises are legally required to carry out ‘Fire Risk Assessments’.   These can be completed on your behalf or assistance and guidance provided for you to complete using your own resources.

A Fire Risk Assessment of your premises would typically include the following issues as appropriate.

  • An initial review of any fire safety documentation for the premises.
  • Assessment of any fire protection and alarm equipment available on site.
  • An assessment of the maintenance schedule of the fire alarm / protection equipment.
  • Assessment for fire safety of plant and equipment in and around the premises.
  • An assessment of emergency exiting procedures and emergency exit routes and final exits.
  • On multi occupancy site the interaction of other tenants.
  • A review or guidance on an appropriate emergency evacuation plan, this would include assessments of any special needs of staff or others accessing your premises.
  • Reviewing the building’s compartmentation and “safe areas” Logging the location of flammable materials and stock, assessing the fire loading of the premises.
  • Isolating as far as practical hot spots and likely seats of fire such as  flammable item storage adjacent to heat sources, likelihood of arson and preventative measures etc.

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