Safety Services

Whether you need to advice on your legal responsibilities or you need help with a particular situation, Avon Safety Associates can provide qualified Health and Safety advice and assistance, tailored to your own specific needs and requirements.

This service is available either on a contract basis or day rate.

Services Available

A complete range of health and safety documentation, advice and training can be provided.  Specific risk assessments can be completed on your behalf.  Our qualified trainers are available to deliver certificated training for manual handling, general health and safety, risk management/assessment, COSHH, food hygiene etc.  These courses can be delivered at your premises or at pre-arranged venues.

Service Agreements

Our Service Agreements include:

  • Initial site visit and health and safety inspection.
  • Written reports following site inspections.
  • Health and safety policy documentation, (incl. induction, fire and other safety procedures, accident reporting, COSHH, etc.).  Other issues will be dealt with as discussed and agreed after our initial visit.
  • Employee handbook.
  • Accident book.
  • Framed certificate.
  • Law poster.
  • Fire action cards.
  • Second site visit to deliver, explain and develop the policy documents and to provide risk assessment guidance.
  • One on site Health and Safety training session, (this can be manual handling, safety management or general H & S training for workforce, etc.)
  • Minimum of two or more additional Health and Safety inspections/site visits in the first year, (making a minimum total of at least 4 visits in the first year), to advise on health and safety followed by a report on health and safety issues covered.
  • Minimum of two or more health and safety inspections/site visits in each of any subsequent year(s), (making a minimum of 6 visits during a two year or 8 during a three year contract) to advice on health and safety and compile reports/audits on health and safety issues.
  • Completion of company specific general risk assessments during site visits and guidance as required.
  • 24 Hours health and safety advice and support via phone and e-mail.

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email or call Tim Wild on 01386 423808 / 07712 886851